20 Baby Names Making A Comeback That Start With L


One of the responsibilities of parenthood is choosing the right name for a child. Our name is one of the first things people learn about us and it can influence the first impression people form of a another person. It’s not surprising that most expecting parents take the responsibility of naming their unborn child very seriously.

Every parent wants that perfect name for their child which means something to the parents while suiting their child and serving them well. When looking for a name there are several factors to consider such as personal preferences, origin, meaning, and who or what a name tends to bring to mind. Finding a name that satisfies each criteria can be tricky and usually requires research and discussion between parties of opposing views.
For the parents who appreciate tradition and history but want a name that is trendy and chic, a good option is to select a name that is in the midst of making a comeback. These names have rich histories and sometimes forebearers who add to the association of the name. Although these names have been around for a while they may not always have been considered trendy. Here are 20 names that begin with the letter L which are currently in the midst of making a comeback.

20 Liam


The name Liam means strong-willed warrior and protector. It is the shortened version of the name Uilliam which is the Irish equivalent of William. The name William comes from the merging of the old German words “willa” which means will, and “helma” which means helmet. The resulting William literally translates to helmet of will but has the more figurative meaning of guardian.
In recent years the name Liam has gained tremendous popularity for baby boys. Some of that popularity is undoubtedly being driven by the renown of actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth.
Liam is a short name that is easy to read and sound out phonetically. It has a strong association with strength and courage. The name Liam is a great choice for a boy destined for great things.

19 Lucas4


Lucas is the Latin form of the name Luke. The name means bright, light-giving, shining, or illumination. While the name Luke has historically been very popular due to its biblical connection, the name Lucas has been creeping up the charts in more recent years.
Lucas is often a first name but occasionally a surname. The most famous example of this is the director George Lucas. Both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises were created and produced by Lucasfilm, the production company founded by George Lucas. The name Lucas is sure to bring this famed individual to mind.
The name Lucas puts a contemporary twist on history. It is a great choice for a baby boy who’s parents want to honour tradition without being old-fashioned. A celebration of past, present, and future greatness.

18 Logan


Logan finds its roots as a place name which became a surname. Historically it was common to name families after places they lived, professions they practiced, or distinguishing attributes. As a surname it originated in the Ayrshire region of Scotland.
It comes from the Scottish Gaelic word legan, which means small hollow. Therefore the name Logan means one who dwells at a small hollow. These days Logan is much much more common as a first name for boys rather than the surname it originally was.
The most well known Logan is the fictional character from the popular X-men series. Also known as Wolverine, on screen Logan has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the latest adaptation of the character. Logan is a creative name with a whimsical feel and bright sound.

17 Lily


The name Lily is derived from the Latin word lilium which refers to the lily flower. The lily is a sign of purity and innocence and is prevalent in Christian imagery. Although not a new name, Lily has been gaining popularity in recent years.
The name Lily has been quite the popular choice for celebrity parents over the last couple of decades. Lily Mo Sheen is the daughter of Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis opted for the double flower name Lily-Rose for their daughter.
Lily is a clean and crisp name with a long history and strong imagery. It’s the most popular flower derived name for the year and is sure to remain a front-runner for years to come. An elegant name for a sweet girl.

16 Luke


Luke is the English form of the slightly more popular Latin Lucas. It shares the same meaning centred around light and illumination.Although a long-standing favourite among the Christian community, the name Luke has been seeing a gradual increase in popularity since the 70s.
It’s no coincidence that the 70s were a turning point for the name Luke. In 1977 the first Star Wars movie was released and the world was introduced to the fictional character Luke Skywalker. The movie became a pop culture phenomenon and the franchise continues to be widely successful.
Historically, the most famous Luke of all is the one given credit for writing the third of the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Although the Gospel of Luke does not reveal its author, it is believed that it was written by Luke the Evangelist. Regardless of the true author of the third Gospel, Luke is a name often seen in the Bible.
The name Luke is a great choice for a baby boy whose parents don’t shy away from tradition while being firmly rooted in the present.

15 Layla


The name Layla is of Arabic origin and it means night or dark beauty. In the seventh century a poet by the name of Qays wrote a love poem featuring Layla as the object of affection. The love story of Qays and Layla were very popular in Arabia causing the name to be a popular choice.
The name Layla was rarely used outside of Arabia until the 70s when Eric Clapton released the song “Layla”. The inspiration for the song were in fact the original Arabic poems of Qays and Layla. The song introduced the name but neither were widely popular upon release.
Around the turn of the millennium the name Layla began to be used more frequently. The trend has been continuing with a larger number of girls being given the name as time goes on. It is a musical name with a great story behind it and would be ideal for an adorable baby girl with romantic parents.

14 Luna


The name Luna means moon and it is of Latin origin. In Roman mythology Luna was the goddess of the moon. Her Greek counterpart was Selene.
Luna was somewhat popular in the 1800s but had declined in use over time. Around the turn of the millennium the name began to make a comeback and is still increasing in popularity. This may have been aided by the character of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series.
The name Luna is also getting some attention from celebrity parents. Luna Encinas Cruz is the daughter of Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed their baby girl in 2016 and named her Luna.
Luna is a heavenly name for a baby girl destined to walk her own path. A great choice for parents who look to the starts or find beauty in magic. An enchanting name that’s sure to be remembered.

13 Levi


The name Levi means joined in harmony in Hebrew. There are two Levis mentioned in the Bible. Levi was the third son of Jacob. The second biblical Levi is the apostle Matthew who changed his name when he joined Jesus.
The name Levi was common in the 1800s. This was possibly due to Levi Strauss and the wide scale launch of blue jeans bearing his name. Since then the popularity of the name Levi had been gradually declining until about a decade ago.
The name has received a bit of attention from celebrities. In 2008 Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves named their baby boy Levi Alves McConaughey. In 2010 Sheryl Crow adopted a boy by the name of Levi James Crow.
Levi is an ancient name with a relaxed and modern feel. It has a melodious distinct sound due to the vowel ending. It would easily suit a baby boy with parents that are either traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between.

12 Lincoln


The name Lincoln was originally a surname. This is another example of families being given names which were derived from the places they lived. In this case the place was the city of Lincoln in England. The city’s name came from the Welsh word llyn for lake, and the Latin word colonia for colony. Lincoln therefore means lake colony or lake settlement.
One can’t hear the name Lincoln without thinking about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln led the country through the Civil War and famously freed the slaves. By many he is considered one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.
As a first name, Lincoln enjoyed moderate popularity in the 1900s but eventually became somewhat unfashionable. This trend has reversed in recent years and Lincoln has surged in popularity. This may possibly be attributed to the portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in recent films. Lincoln is a wonderful name for a boy of strength, courage, and unwavering morals.

11 Lillian


The name Lillian is often shortened to Lily but Lillian is probably not a derivative of Lily at all. While the name Lily comes from the flower, it is more likely that Lillian is a shortened version of Elizabeth. Although often used interchangeably, Lillian developed independently of Lily and has a different history.
While Lily has enjoyed some level of popularity throughout time, Lillian has been somewhat unpopular for almost 100 years.This is changing as Lillian has recently been making a huge comeback. With an abundance of the letter L, the name has a way of rolling off the tongue with a melodious sound. It’s about time that parents rediscover this forgotten gem.
The name Lillian has a classic feel without being outdated. It’s a lovely name for a sweet little girl and would serve her well in adult years. A great choice for parents who are looking for a historic name without the old-fashioned tone.

10 Leo


The name Leo has Latin origins. In Latin the word leo means lion. Leo is also the short form for Leon and Leopold. From these names the meaning brave people is derived.
Leo has been a common name among early Christians. Many saints were named Leo as well as a total of thirteen popes. The name was widely popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This was probably influenced by the prominence of author Leo Tolstoy who wrote novels such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina. The name then went into decline until the turn of the millennium.
The name Leo is once again prominent among famous people. Most notably is Leonardo (Leo) DiCaprio who has undoubtedly had an influence on the name’s increased popularity. Another Leo driving the trend is Leo Encinas Cruz, the son of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.
Leo is a strong name for a fierce little boy. It works well for parents who want to honour tradition as well as those who are more contemporary. A short and versatile name that’s sure to stand the test of time.

9 Lucy


The name Lucy is derived from the Latin word for light. It was traditionally given to girls born at dawn. It can also refer to having a light complexion.
Lucy has always been somewhat popular but has seen a solid increase in use recently. There have been many notorious Lucys in pop culture but one of the most widely known is the character of Lucy played by Lucille Ball on the iconic show I Love Lucy. The name also brings to mind the famous Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. More recently, actress Lucy Liu has brought the name back into the foreground.
Lucy is another traditional name which lends itself well to to modern times. This bright and cheerful name is an excellent choice for a happy little girl.

8 Leah


The name Leah comes from the Hebrew word for weary. It is a biblical name from the Old Testament. Leah was the first wife of Jacob and mother to one daughter and six sons. Leah is considered one of the most prominent women of the Bible.
The name has always had its loyal followers but hasn’t been widely prominent until recent years. The character of Leah Clearwater appears in the hugely popular Twilight series. Another driving factor in the name’s popularity may be actress Leah Remini.
Leah is a serene sounding name that’s just right for a gentle little girl. It’s a great choice for parents who like biblical names that lend themselves well to modern times. The name has an ancient history without being stuffy and outdated. A pretty name for a pretty girl.

7 Landon


Landon is another place name, turned surname, that made the jump to given names. It originated in England and means long hill or ridge. It would have referred to a place located near a ridge and then to the people who lived there. Landon has been slowly becoming a prominent given name for about 20 years.
Undoubtedly one of the most visible people bearing the name were Michael Landon. He played the patriarch on the successful TV series Little House on the Prairie. Landon succumbed to cancer in 1991. Right around this time the name Landon began to surface as a first name, picking up steam over the following decade, and catapulting into the top ranks of popular baby names.
Landon is a good choice for parents who are looking for a contemporary and modern name without straying into unknown territory. It is a name with roots in the past but adapted for the present. Landon is a perfect name for a unique baby boy.

6 Luca


The exact meaning of the name Luca isn’t entirely clear. It appears to be a derivative of the Latin name Lucas which in turn is derived from the word for light. In this sense Luca shares its meaning with Luke and Lucas as light, illumination, and the bringer of light.
There is also evidence to suggest that Luca refers to a man from Lucania, which was once the name of a place in modern day southern Italy. In this case Luca would be considered a place name. It is entirely possible that both meanings are true and that the name has multiple origins.
Just as the names Luke and Lucas have been gaining popularity, Luca has been climbing steadily since the turn of the millennium. It is now considered a trending baby name and has caught the interest of celebrity parents. Actor Colin Firth and director Livia Giuggloli named their son Luca in 2001. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie named their boy Luca in 2012.
Luca is a good choice for parents who are looking for an alternative to Luke or Lucas. It’s a soft name with a melodious ring. Suitable for a sweet baby boy.

5 Lydia


Lydia is an ancient place name. The original meaning of the name would have referred to a person from the area of Asia Minor known as Lydia. The area was named for king Lydus. It is a name of Greek origin meaning beauty, beautiful one, or noble one.
Lydia is not generally viewed as a biblical name but it does make an appearance in the Bible. Lydia was a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. However the name was not very popular until it appeared in pop culture.
Lydia was first made prominent with the popular 1775 play, The Rivals. In 1813 Pride and Prejudice was published bringing the name further attention with Lydia being the youngest daughter of the book’s central family. Lydia became widely popular around this time and continued to be common until the early 1900s when popularity dwindled.
The name Lydia is now making its comeback in a big way. With a soft sound and use of the letter y, it is becoming popular again. A perfect name for a pretty girl.

4 Leilani


Leilani is a name of Hawaiian origin. It is a compound name made by combining two words. The word lei meaning flowers or child, and lani meaning heaven or royal. Leilani can be understood as heavenly flowers, heavenly child, or royal child.
The name was first popularized in 1937 by Bing Crosby with the song Sweet Leilain. It was featured in the movie Waikiki Wedding. The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and it turned out to be hugely successful.
Leilani as a name is now making a comeback and is quickly becoming a trending name. It’s a perfect name for a sweet baby girl and an ideal choice for parents who are looking for something modern and exotic. With its three syllable melodious sound and lovely meaning, this name is sure to continue rising in popularity for years to come.

3 Lilly


Lilly is an alternate spelling for the name Lily. It has the same meaning as both are derived from lilium, the Latin word for the lily flower. This bloom symbolizes innocence and purity. The name Lilly is rich with imagery and history.
Just like its Lily counterpart, Lilly is becoming more popular and gradually increasing in use. With all the variations of Lily that are available, its a wonder that both forms of the name are ranking so high with parents. The lily flower must resonate with a lot of people.
Parents who want to give their child the name of this flower may want to stick with Lily, but those who want to make it less about flowers and more about the name might like this alternate form. Lilly is a good option for a little girl that wants to stand out without leaving the mainstream.


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